Plotting how your babies teeth came out

Jan 22, 2018 - 01:51 AM
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· toothchart-beta-0.02.0
· toothchart-alpha-0.01.2
· toothchart-alpha-0.01.1

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Welcome to the website for The Baby Tooth Chart Project.

I wanted a script to help graphically display how my son Nathan's teeth came out - I couldn't find one and here are my attempts at putting one together myself.

Toothchart is still in beta, and development has grinded to a halt due mainly 'cause I'm spending more time with Nathan now that his teeth are all out (and he can walk now :-)

This is a project development and DEMO site so apologies if it doesn't look too interesting.

Toothchart is currently being developed (solely) by me, Roy Verrips, a.k.a. Snowmann but any input would be greatly appreciated.

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It's been a good 22 months?
    snowmann - 2004-03-07 10:43   -   Baby Tooth Chart
Been 22 months since I did anything pertaining to toothchart - Anyway, I've made some changes to my personal website, and with new babee on the way I'll probably review toothchart again.

Have a look-see here on the family website
Feedback Please!
    snowmann - 2002-07-12 02:21   -   Baby Tooth Chart
Please provide some feedback as to what your experiences are, what you'd like changed, your expectations, your view on the code, etc.

Please do this in block provided on the main page of the website.
Toothchart is in BETA
    snowmann - 2002-07-03 06:49   -   Baby Tooth Chart
Added the dates display to the core output (index.php) and some documentation, so off goes the release of toothchart-beta-0.02.0

I'm guessing things will slow down for a while now, until interest in the script increases.

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